7 things to consider when you’re choosing your CCTV package

So, you’ve decided you need CCTV on site, what next?

It might be that you’ve had a break in and now require security fast, or it might be the start of a project either way, take into consideration the following 7 things before deciding on the type of CCTV that you want.

  1. What will run your cameras? 

    If you don’t have mains power on site, perhaps a wireless solution would be best for you. They tend to come with around 400 days battery life, so can often outlast the project! If you’re looking for a more eco friendly option, we offer solar powered towers that come with a PTZ camera that offers a fantastic view across your site with the same HD cameras that come with our wired option.

  2. Do you require any more deterrents?

    In addition to your CCTV, you can also include recorded audio warnings, a tannoy, strobe and siren. We’ve found they’re all highly effective at warding off any intruders on site, and often stop us having to escalate the situation to the police. 

  3. How clear do you need the video?

    If you require a HD system then you’ll require either a tower, our Reconeyez system or hard-wired CCTV. If picture quality isn’t of a huge concern, our wireless system is available and is a little more friendly on the budget!

  4. When do you want your site monitored?

    Some systems will record 24/7 so you can capture any incidents during site hours, whether that’s health and safety breaches or thefts. Other systems will only be active during the sites closed hours capturing any intruders.

  5. What’s your budget?

    Budget often defines which package people choose. Obviously for a higher quality picture, you’ll expect to pay more but it could pay off in the long run if a successful conviction is made and any stolen good returned.

  6. Does the package include CCTV signage?

    Under UK law you’ll need to warn people that are accessing your site that they may be recorded on CCTV. Many companies, such as ourselves provide CCTV warning signs but if your CCTV company doesn’t, you’ll need to factor the cost of these into your overall expenditure.

  7. Do you require remote access to your footage?

    Some packages do not allow you to remotely access your footage from your mobile device or tablet. If remote access is a necessity for you, then you’ll want a system that allows you to access, view and download your recordings remotely.

Now you’ve taken into consideration the above 7 things, you might find that what you thought you needed for your site security isn’t in fact what you’d first thought. The good news is that quality CCTV doesn’t have to come at great cost, our wireless packages start at only £50 a week and offer monitoring out of hours.

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