HD Wireless Camera

HD Wireless Camera... StarEyez

HD Footage

Audio warnings

One year battery life

AI Intelligence

Not having mains access, doesn't mean you need to compromise on your security. 

Starting from

£99/per week

Monitored CCTV
HD Footage
Wireless and portable
AI Technology
Automatic arming



The obvious benefit of the HD Wireless Camera is that the cameras being completely wireless can be deployed anywhere on site. As your site changes our engineers can attend and move the cameras wherever they're needed, quickly and discreetly.

100% controlled by you.

If you have an early finish or start on site, it's not a problem. These cameras are quick and easy to arm and disarm, so you, or your workers can choose when they're on. With this system you don't need to worry about forgetting to arm them, they have a fail-safe where they will automatically arm and disarm at set times, keeping your site protected. 


Upon a trip line being triggered this system can send our control room a ten-second video clip for verification of the intrusion. 

Once verified our control room operatives can activate audio warning systems to ward intruders off site. 

All devices have a theft alarm, if they are moved or touched, they send a theft alarm to the command centre to alert that they may have been stolen or tampered with. 

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