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Out of hours monitoring

Audio and visual warnings

24/7 Recording

HD Recordings

Where mains power is available for your CCTV, the StarVision package is the gold standard of site security. 24/7 recording with HD video keeps an eye on your site, when you can’t.

Starting from

£99/per week

24/7 Recording
HD Camera
Audio Warning
Fully Monitored System
Health and Safety Monitoring
AI Detection



HD 1080P Cameras

Everyone knows they need high quality CCTV footage, but why is it so important?
Simply put, by having HD camera’s you’re making sure that out of hours, our control room can identify threats and support authorities with their enquiries should the worst happen. From clear registration plates, to identifying intruders, clear footage is a must.

During working hours when your site isn’t being monitored by us, you can clearly identify members of your team. Helping not only with site security but also ensuring your health and safety procedures are being followed.

AI Intelligence

Mention AI and visions of Will Smith’s I-Robot flash before your eyes, but the reality is much, much more simple.

The AI in your cameras uses reference images and algorithms to decide what it can “see.” It looks for human characteristics such as two arms and legs, walking upright, and if it moves at a similar speed to the humans in its reference videos. It asks hundreds of other questions including how reflective the object is, if it’s steady or vibrating before coming to a decision whether to alert the control room or not. 

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