Why Changing to Sustainable Construction Is More Vital Than Ever

The construction industry is vital as it helps to build important spaces for our future, however, it is by nature one of the biggest users of natural resources which can cause major conflict for sustainability.

After the pandemic, it has become more accentuated how unreliable our future can be and with climate change on the rise, scientists are warning that change needs to happen before any more irreversible damage is caused.

With that in mind, now is more important than ever that we move towards sustainable construction. Sustainability within the construction industry means using renewable and recyclable materials, as well as reducing energy consumption and waste.

We must make this change as currently, the construction industry is accountable for 36% of worldwide energy usage and 40% of CO2 emissions which is concerning for our future.

So, how can construction companies make a more sustainable change?

Currently, many construction companies are at risk of theft, and it is one of the biggest threats that the industry faces. So, many sites and companies will use CCTV cameras to keep their site protected. However, because they are on all the time and mostly use the mains power supply, this is another drain on natural resources.

That’s where we are trying to help so that construction industries can stay secure and prevent the risk of theft, without then compromising on sustainable values.

Our Solar Towers have the same great functions as our mains-powered CCTV cameras but instead, use solar energy, so they don’t have to rely on the mains power supply which is damaging to the environment.

We have also designed these solar towers to be practical for construction sites, so they are easy-to-move and are mounted on wheels so they can be deployed anywhere on your site as you need them.

The cameras have a 360° field of view, so they can detect any activity on your site without any blind spots which will be extremely beneficial should anyone try to break into your site.

We know what the construction industry needs and that’s why we have created a sustainable, practical CCTV solution for companies like yours. Take a look at our Solar Towers here.

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