What Is Sustainable Construction & Why Is It So Important?


Many events across the world lately have given people the chilling realization that action is needed for climate change. Businesses around the UK are now starting to look within to see how they can change their own carbon footprint.


It’s no secret that the construction industry is one of the major contributors to environmental damage, due to the nature of the sector. However, many construction businesses and sites are now looking to transition to sustainable construction.


Sustainable construction allows for the same great work to be done but in a way that is much friendlier to our planet. This includes using recycled materials where possible and looking for ways to reduce electricity and water consumption where necessary.


A report from Make UK showed that 71% of surveyed companies saw a reduction in cost after their last environmental change, showing that a sustainability shift can be beneficial for businesses in more ways than one.


Whilst sustainable construction is important to think about, many construction businesses around the UK are also facing another threat - theft. Theft across construction sites soared during the lockdown and unfortunately shows no signs of stopping.


The Chartered Institute of Building reported that 92% of surveyed companies were directly affected by petty crime, with 21% stating that they were affected by theft on a weekly basis. Statistics like this are frightening but is it possible to fight climate change and the increased risk of theft at the same time?


Most security options for construction sites require a large amount of electricity, which is far from friendly for the planet. Traditional CCTV options rely on the mains power supply to provide decent footage that can help in a troublesome situation. That’s why we created StarLite.


StarLite is our solar-powered CCTV solution that allows companies to protect their site effectively without compromising on being environmentally friendly. It starts from £99 per week and offers the same great protection as traditional wired CCTV but uses solar energy instead. This is naturally a lot more environmentally friendly and means your business can see a reduction in electricity bills too!


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