The Impact of Theft on the Construction Industry

Construction industry theft has been increasing in recent years and the latest figures show that theft costs the construction industry a staggering £800 million each year! Vehicles and machinery are a common target for thieves, with less than 10% of plant vehicles being recovered once they have been stolen, despite how distinctive many of these vehicles are.

Metals and other materials are also at high risk of being stolen, with around 7,000 metal-related thefts every month, as thieves look to make some quick money by selling the stolen materials. Surprisingly, around half of these thefts are being committed by contractors and other workers who are coming onto the site. This makes it difficult to prevent thefts unless you have the right security measures in place.

As well as ensuring that the site is securely locked each night and that equipment is securely stored overnight, you also need to have a way of monitoring what is happening on the site during working hours. Having a high-quality CCTV system installed can prevent thefts from taking place on your site, working as both a visual deterrent and catching people in the act.

CCTV camera system options


Star FM Group provides CCTV systems specifically designed for use in the construction industry, helping to prevent clients from having expensive equipment stolen from their sites. There are several options for CCTV, including:


Wired CCTV


These systems include HD cameras with AI technology, providing 24/7 recording. They are ideal for busy sites to provide clear images and it even sends alerts using intelligent algorithms when humans are detected when the site is closed.

Wireless CCTV


There are many reasons to opt for a wireless CCTV system. For example, when your company moves onto different sites, the system can easily be moved. Wireless options are also necessary if there is no access to mains power. The system sends alerts to the control room and can activate an audio warning, which will help to scare thieves away.

Solar power CCTV tower


There is also an eco-friendly CCTV solution that is powered by solar panels. The tower is wheel-mounted, so it can be moved around the site, if and when required. It also has a 360-degree field of view, so there are no blindspots. When activated, there is an audio warning system, as well as sirens and strobe lights to deter thieves.


If you would like some expert security advice on which system would be the best solution for your construction site, we would be happy to discuss the options in more detail and provide our recommendations based on your business and environment.

Contact us here and we can give you a call, or alternatively, you can call us on 0800 567 7029.

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