The Benefits of Having Solar Powered CCTV

CCTV is one of the best deterrents to prevent properties and businesses, including construction sites, from being targeted by thieves. In recent years, CCTV technology has advanced significantly, and it is now possible to buy highly sophisticated CCTV systems for affordable prices.


There are also a lot more options in terms of the types of CCTV systems that are available, so you can choose the best one for your specific needs. One very popular type of CCTV system is solar-powered, due to the many benefits of this solution.


Key benefits of solar-powered CCTV


Reduced energy bills


A large CCTV system that is monitoring 24/7 can cost a lot to run unless you choose a solar-powered system. Solar panels generate enough energy to power the system and the battery can store several weeks of energy, so even during winter when there is less light, there is sufficient power to run the system.


No mains power required


Some sites do not have mains power, so a solar-powered CCTV system can run from the energy generated by the solar panels.


Environmentally friendly


As well as saving you a lot of money on electricity to run the CCTV system, solar-powered systems are more eco-friendly and can help your business to reduce carbon emissions.


Deployable anywhere


The Rapid Deployment Towers supplied by Star FM Group are mounted on wheels and can be deployed anywhere and are manoeuvrable around your site. If there are regular changes to your site, this means that you would not require an engineer to come in and re-wire the system to adapt to any site changes. However, you can still benefit from all of the features of a wired system.


360 field view


The solar-powered Rapid Deployment Tower also enables a 360-field view, so there are no blind spots around your site which could make it more vulnerable to break-ins. The auto-tracking camera follows detected subjects to ensure that as much HD CCTV coverage is recorded as possible, to help to identify perpetrators.


AI technology


As well as being more cost-effective to run than other types of CCTV systems, a solar-powered system incorporates all of the latest technology, including AI that enables the system to detect whether there is a human intruder. It also uses AI to decide what action to take, depending on whether the person leaves immediately.


Once the human has been detected, the system emits a loud, full-scale audio warning, along with sirens and strobe lights. If the person does not leave immediately, the system will escalate the incident either by contacting the police or sending a security response to the site.


No onsite security staff required


With expensive machinery being left on construction sites, some sites employ onsite security to patrol the site when the site is closed. This can be very expensive but having a high-quality solar-powered CCTV system can be just as effective and is often even more effective at preventing site break-ins.


If you would like to find out more about solar-powered CCTV systems, speak to our team of construction site security experts at Star FM.

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