How to keep your business eco-friendly and safe

Many businesses across the UK are going eco-friendly, especially as they return to their regular workforces after the pandemic. A big question for many construction site owners though, is how does being eco-friendly affect my security measures?

With the government’s pledge to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, almost half of all UK companies are now planning to increase their environment-related spending. The 2021 Manufacturers’ Organisation also showed that businesses are starting to look past the immediate cost saving drivers towards sustainability for the long term. Half of the respondents said they were taking steps towards great energy efficiency.

So, where does that put the construction industry?

It is shown that theft costs £800m to the construction industry a year which is a massive loss. Whether it’s theft of vehicles, machinery or materials – construction sites fall victim to huge losses in their businesses each year, all stemming from a lack of security.

With this type of risk, construction sites need to have strict security measures as this is the only way to combat the rising issue of theft. However, video surveillance systems can have a high energy consumption which is largely related to the electrical power required to operate the video servers, especially if they are running 24/7.

If you want to continue your businesses efforts towards a greener future but you need to implement security measures into your business, then we have the perfect solution.

We believe that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean compromising on your security, which is where our Solar Tower solution comes into place.

As the name would suggest, they are solar-powered CCTV cameras – so you can still keep your business secure without having to leave aside your environmental concerns.

They are a Wired HD Analytic CCTV system that is mounted on wheels, which makes it easy to move around your site should you need to. They are easy to manoeuvre and deploy wherever you need them, as and when your site changes.

It has 360 fields of view, so it can detect any activity on your site without any blind spots and offers HD footage – increasing the chances of any criminals being caught in the act.

If you want to keep your business green and secure, then our Starlite Solar Towers are the perfect step forward for you. To find out more about the solution or to enquire about them for your business, just click here.

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