Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still operating during COVID-19?

Yes! The team are still out and about taking care of business. Site surveys, installing, maintaining, and decommissioning our systems. We’re conscious of Covid-19 guidelines and we’re working to the guidelines laid out by the government. If your site has any requirements outside of the usual rules, just let us know before we come.

I don’t know what type of CCTV is best for my site, can you help?

Of course! The Star Team are all time served in the security industry so we’re pretty confident we can advise on which system would be best for you over the phone. But, we want to make sure we’re giving you what you need, so we tend to come and visit you, have a chat, and do a site survey to find the best system and locations for your needs.

Does the Star FM control room constantly watch my cameras? 

Nope! We only view your cameras when there’s an activation.

Can I access footage?

Of course! We provide a user guide with every install to help you access and download footage from your cameras. Some systems also come with remote access in which you will be able to view your CCTV footage from your phone or tablet.

What if a camera breaks down or stops working?

Give the office or your Account Manager a call and let us know.

Our team of engineers work tirelessly to ensure any camera downtime is at a minimum. Once on site our engineer will determine the issue and if they’re able to, they’ll fix it there and then. They’ll also advise if it is a chargeable repair and gain authorisation from your site manager before attempting repair.

Do I need to display signage? 

Yes. You’re required by law to inform anyone on site that they’re being filmed. We provide our own branded warning signs for you to display.

How do I know there’s been an incident at my site? 

In the event of an activation, our control room will get in touch with the named contact supplied in your welcome pack. We also send out an incident report the next day, letting you know exactly what happened on your site, how we responded, if a security/Police response was used and we’ll also provide any images.

Will my CCTV work in the dark? 

Yes. The extent of which your Account Manager will talk through with you before we install it.

What if I can’t find the answer to my question? 

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, you can call your Account Manager during usual office hours.

If you’re not yet a customer, the Star team are available to answer any questions you might have.

Phone: 0800 567 7029


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