Wireless CCTV Video verification System

Our Wireless Video Verification Systems are completely battery powered with a 1-year battery life. A fully audited and cloud based system it is extremely dynamic and can be placed and moved anywhere as your site develops. Completely controlled by the on-site team to ensure that the system is armed and disarmed at the correct times with a backup auto-arm fail-safe that automatically arms the system by a specific time if it is not done manually.

They can be rapidly deployed within 24-48 hours upon order. These cameras allow us to verify a threat using AI technology. Similarly to the Wired CCTV System it uses this to drastically reduce the amount of false alarms and respond to the actual threats saving both time and money!



Completely Wireless. These Cameras come with a 1-year battery life so you won’t have to worry about them ever dying and your site being unprotected. They can be deployed anywhere on site and as they are entirely independent, as your site develops our trained engineers can attend and move them to suitable locations quickly and discreetly


Our Advanced AI Intelligence Software can filter and identify even the smallest of threats. With specific Identification we can identify what exactly is on site to minimize false alarms and unnecessary call-outs to the Police and/or our Security Response teams. 

The AI itself uses Machine vision which is a series of algorithms, or mathematical procedures, which work like a flow-chart or series of questions to compare the object seen with hundreds of thousands of stored reference images of humans in different postures, angles, positions and movements. 

The A.I. asks itself if the observed object moves like the reference images, whether it is approximately the same size height relative to width, if it has the characteristic two arms and two legs, if it moves with similar speed, and if it is vertical instead of horizontal. Many other questions are possible, such as the degree to which the object is reflective, the degree to which it is steady or vibrating, and the smoothness with which it moves. 

Combining all the values from the various questions, an overall ranking is derived which gives the A.I. the probability that the object is or is not a human. It can then send an alarm based upon the result within a set period of the day when nobody is meant to be on site.

Activations and Incidents

In the event of an activation or an incident on site, we have a full scale audio warning as well as sirens and warning lights available with this system. This can either be set to live warnings or pre-recorded warnings to ward off potential risks. In the event that they do not leave immediately a police and or security response is sent out to respond should the need arise. 

The following day, you will receive a full incident report featuring video and photos of the incident with action steps and police crime reference numbers through our customer client portal platform. We also send out email notifications to remind and or notify you if you’re unaware. 

100% Controlled By You

These wireless systems are completely controlled by you so you decide when they go on & off, this way you can have an early closing on site and not have to worry about not being covered! But, even on the odd occasion where you may forget about arming these cameras they have a fail-safe where they will automatically arm at a certain time and begin to watch your site. Protecting and Preventing any unnecessary loss of assets!


Upon a trip line being triggered this system can send off an intrusion alert code which will take a ten-second video clip and send it to our 24-hour monitoring control room for verification of threat. 

Once verified our control room operatives can activate audio warning systems to ward intruders off site almost immediately. Nothing is more disorientating to a thief than a siren or even better a pre-recorded warning message to really deliver the warning you want to dish out to anyone willing to enter your premises!


Wired CCTV System

Protect your premises, CCTV deters and detects criminals and records 24/7 with an optional security response from our dedicated security officers


Rapid Deployment Tower

Using advanced AI technology our Rapid Deployment Tower can identify and follow intruders on site 360 degrees leaving nowhere to hide 


Access Control

Utilizing bio-metric technology, our state-of-the-art solutions ensure that only authorized personnel can enter and exit your construction site


safety systems

Our Fire Detection System is a wireless, battery-powered radio link solution that protects your premises from the unthinkable.

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