Rapid Deployment Towers

Our Rapid Deployment Towers are a Wired HD Analytic CCTV System mounted on wheels. Dynamically deployable anywhere and manoeuvrable for your ever-changing and developing site. This tower boasts all the features of our Wired HD Analytic CCTV System and more.

With a 360 field of view it can detect everything without any blind spots and an auto tracking PTZ Camera will make sure the subject is followed to allow the maximum amount of footage for live verification and increase the chances of a criminal being caught in the act. The Rapid Deployment Tower runs on a Battery Backup System and a Solar Power Option will be available soon!!!



This Tower can be moved anywhere to complement your site! As sites are ever-changing and growing, so do the security requirements which is why this system is completely Mobile and Independent

hd tRUE 1080p Cameras

HD True 1080p Cameras allow for an Advanced and Sophisticated Software to run and minimize false detections. The High Detail footage also allows us to better identify threats and help authorities apprehend suspects that may gain entry onto your site and potentially endanger your assets. Our top priority is to prevent loss or damage and catch criminals as quickly as possible.

AI Intelligence

Our Advanced AI Intelligence Software can filter and identify even the smallest fo threats. With specific Identification we can identify what exactly is on site to minimize false alarms and unnecessary call outs to Response teams. 

The AI itself uses Machine vision which is a series of algorithms, or mathematical procedures, which work like a flow-chart or series of questions to compare the object seen with hundreds of thousands of stored reference images of humans in different postures, angles, positions and movements. 

The A.I. asks itself if the observed object moves like the reference images, whether it is approximately the same size height relative to width, if it has the characteristic two arms and two legs, if it moves with similar speed, and if it is vertical instead of horizontal. Many other questions are possible, such as the degree to which the object is reflective, the degree to which it is steady or vibrating, and the smoothness with which it moves. 

Combining all the values from the various questions, an overall ranking is derived which gives the A.I. the probability that the object is or is not a human. It will then send an alarm based upon the result within a set period of the day when nobody is meant to be on site. 

Activations and Incidents

In the event of an Activation or an Incident on site. We have a full scale audio warning system as well as sirens and strobe lights available. This can either be set to live warnings or pre-recorded warnings to ward off potential risks. In the event that they do not leave immediately a Police and or Security Response is immediately sent out to respond should the need arise. 

The following day, you will receive a full incident report featuring video and photos of the incident at hand with action steps and Police crime reference numbers through our custom client portal platform. We send out email notifications to remind and/or notify you if you’re unaware.

24/7 Recording

These cameras record 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you have the ability to rewind and playback any activations that have occurred on site. This live feed is tapped into by our Control Room Operators who actively monitor and respond to any activations outside of normal working hours, this way we can provide the fastest possible response. 

Within seconds a threat can be identified, verified and a Security or Police response can be sent to deal with problems as they happen. 

Maximizing the time for someone to attend site and catch the threat in the act.  We ensure that everyone knows the site is under our protection, and we boast our fast response times and effectiveness with a zero tolerance policy for thieves or anything that may potentially put your assets at risk.

Health and Safety Benefits

We take security to the best it can be, but we also think that if a system can be more than just a security system then it should be and that you should reap the benefits of that. That’s why our systems double up as a Health and Safety Monitoring System. Key personnel with access to the system can check up on workers on-site to ensure that correct procedures are being followed, keeping people safe is our among our top priorities. 

With this system you can provide live audio warnings to specific areas on site so that accidents are prevented before they happen, this can also provide legal protection against accidents on-site that were not your fault and where someone has simply disregarded the correct procedures. This System can also Track Deliveries ensuring that your ordered goods were actually delivered and are on site. 

A Complete AI intelligence Analytic Detection System, self mounted on wheels so it is completely mobile and can be placed anywhere on site. 



Protect your premises, CCTV deters and detects criminals and records 24/7 with an optional security response from our dedicated security officers


Wireless CCTV System

Wireless, Self-Contained Cameras provide complete security for any scenario and are the perfect option when cabling and lack of power is impossible or cost-prohibitive.


Access Control

Utilizing bio-metric technology, our state-of-the-art solutions ensure that only authorized personnel can enter and exit your construction site


Safety Systems

Our Fire Detection System is a wireless, battery-powered radio link solution that protects your premises from the unthinkable

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