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Safety Systems

Units are placed in accordance with your fire plan – usually at each stairwell or lift shaft – and can be added as the build progresses.

Units can be numbered according to your fire plan for easy identification in the event of any issues. Heat, smoke or dust resistant smoke detectors provide active fire protection in enclosed areas.

All your units connect to form a network, so if a fire breaks out any unit can trigger a site-wide alarm, whether automatically in the case of the detection units or manually via the Fire / Medical Call Points.


High Performance

The system uses Category 1, Euro harmonized radio in compliance with European standards covering the use of radio technology in emergency equipment (ETSI 300-220-1).

Proven Technology

With an excellent track record of performance, all units are designed and manufactured in Nottingham UK, and used worldwide protecting sites everywhere.

Cost effective

The completely wireless units connect on site to form a secure and stable radio mesh network with no need for specialist wiring, cabling or external power.

User Friendly

Your site system can have an unlimited number of units on one site, additional units can be quickly added or removed as the build progresses. This very low-maintenance system is simple to install, configure and operate and our Quick Start Guide allows users to get the system up and running in minutes.

Internationally Recognised

These units have grown to become a truly global alarm system, currently protecting sites in countries around the world. Using our innovative radio technology these units have been developed to satisfy all applicable Radio and Communications legislation in international territories, including the relevant parts of ETSI, FCC and EMC test standards, as well as achieving full EN54-25 certification

Robust and Reliable

These units are independently tested, CE marked and compliant with all key safety legislation. Our robust and hard-wearing units are suitable for internal or external use, with weather sealing and a 3-year battery life under normal use

A Complete AI intelligence Analytic Detection System, self mounted on wheels so it is completely mobile and can be placed anywhere on site. 


Wired CCTV System

Protect your premises, CCTV deters and detects criminals and records 24/7 with an optional security response from our dedicated security officers

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Wireless CCTV System

Wireless, Self-Contained Cameras provide complete security for any scenario and are the perfect option when cabling and lack of power is impossible or cost-prohibitive.

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Rapid Deployment Tower

Using advanced AI technology our Rapid Deployment Tower can identify and follow intruders on site 360 degrees leaving nowhere to hide 

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Access Control

Utilizing bio-metric technology, our state-of-the-art solutions ensure that only authorized personnel can enter and exit your construction site

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