Access Control Systems

Access Control is extremely important in maintaining safety and security on your site. Knowing who is on site and where can be crucial for real time events such as a fire or accident. Biometric Readers provide specific access for staff who should be on site which they can access through fully integrated and bolted down turnstiles.

Fingerprint Enrolment allows you to make sure that only the staff you would like on site have access and you have 100% control over the access of your site.

Not only Can you control who goes on site but what enters the site with a delivery logging system included with the package. You can track back what items have been delivered and what has not, which can work alongside our fully wired CCTV systems that have a playback feed that can track deliveries within camera coverage.



Our turnstiles are manoeuvrable, and they can be placed anywhere necessary on-site. Bolted to the ground or inside a cabin, anywhere you need really. We can make sure you record all entries and exits on site without problem, we work on a site to site basis, so we fit around specific needs. Bio-metric Scanners attached to the turnstiles make sure you can control and record who on an individual level can enter site. Helping hugely with Time and Attendance!

A Complete Software Solution

Access control isn’t only about who can access site and when. In addition, with our software, your access control system is transformed into a healthy & safety reporting and human resource tracking system.

Our software includes self-diagnosis and incident reporting preventing issues before they affect operation, alongside powerful reporting and certificate management built in. Since our software is written in-house, it allows us complete flexibility to meet your site specific needs, business rules and KPIs.

Our access control software is compatible with CSCS SmartCards. Enrolling a new user is as easy as swiping their CSCS card using a contactless desktop reader, so using our access control system on your site to enforce worker competence, time & attendance and security couldn’t be easier.

This Software creates worker profiles with all your individuals workers details stored. This can provide warnings to CSCS cards expiring and individual performance. Helping keep all the details in one software for complete ease to reduce difficulty when operating a site. 

This software is directly linked also to the bio-metric scanners on site, so you have a complete record of individuals time on site. Making sure payroll is a simple and easy process.

In case of a fire, logging who has left site and who has not is very important. In the event of the fire, you need to know who is where so you can ensure everyone gets out and is safe. By logging who has reached the fire checkpoint you know who is left on site and can send help from emergency services if worse comes to worst and that person is trapped on site or unaware.

This software can also track deliveries of materials to site. Logging what deliveries have arrived is important to ensure you have the correct amount of materials on site. So in order to keep track, you can keep logs on deliveries due and made.

All Condition Bio-metric Readers

The ievo fingerprint readers use multispectral imaging (MSI) technology to capture a highly accurate reading of a fingerprint. Scanning both surface and subsurface levels of the skin simultaneously, up to a depth of 4 mm, this method uses multiple polarized and non-polarised lights to register between 1-100 reference points to build a true digital image (the average number of reference points for a good image is 40). The MSI process allows the reader to operate through a variety of most skin or environmental conditions that may otherwise hinder an accurate reading.



Protect your premises, CCTV deters and detects criminals and records 24/7 with an optional security response from our dedicated security officers



Wireless, Self-Contained Cameras provide complete security for any scenario and are the perfect option when cabling and lack of power is impossible or cost-prohibitive


Rapid Deployment Tower

Using advanced AI technology our Rapid Deployment Tower can identify and follow intruders on site 360 degrees leaving nowhere to hide


safety SYSTEMs

Our Fire Detection System is a wireless, battery-powered radio link solution that protects your premises from the unthinkable.

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