We take security to a new standard with our complete range of security solutions. CCTV to Access Control,  we’ve got all your needs covered

About Star FM Group

Our approach to site security services is very much centred around your needs. We start by listening to our customers before building a bespoke site specific solution that meets your requirements at a competitive price. Our flat management structure allows us to be flexible in our approach and adapt quickly to changing customer requirements. Our teams take clear ownership of the service delivery and work closely with you to ensure that service delivery is seamless and unified.

No matter the size of a project, property or issue Star FM Group understands what’s required to care for, protect, manage and monitor your valuable assets and people.

Star-Vision Wired CCTV

Protect your premises, CCTV deters and detects criminals and records 24/7 with an optional security response from our dedicated security officers 

Star-Link Wireless CCTV

Wireless, Self-Contained Cameras provide complete security for any scenario and are the perfect option when cabling and lack of power is impossible or cost-prohibitive.

Star-Lite Rapid deployment tower

Using advanced AI technology our Rapid Deployment Tower can identify and follow intruders on site 360 degrees leaving nowhere to hide 


Our Fire Detection System is a wireless, battery-powered radio link solution that protects your premises from the unthinkable.

Star-Site Access Control

Utilizing biometric technology, our state of the art solutions ensure that only authorized personnel can enter and exit your construction site.

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Wired CCTV Systems



Our HD CCTV systems feature AI Analytic Intelligence to detect and pinpoint targets passing trip lines setup on site

Our camera systems are all 1080p HD full colour quality, providing the clearest of  images so you can observe people in the act with the highest detail and clarity possible, with 24/7 recording monitored by Star FM Group, we ensure that you don’t miss a single incident on your site.


Wireless Video Verification System

Our battery powered CCTV Video Verification Systems stop false alarms when trip lines are broken. Fully controlled by the site team, the system can be quickly deployed so it can be put anywhere on site and also easily adjusted so they can be moved as your site develops. These systems can be up and ready to go within 24-48 hours!

Mobile Tracking CCTV System


Rapid Deployment TOWER

A Complete AI intelligence Analytic Detection System, self mounted on wheels so it is completely mobile and can be placed anywhere on site. Auto Tracking PTZ Cameras allow for our system to track targets on site 360 degrees with up to a 20x Zoom that is recording 24/7 so you don’t miss a single bump in the night. 

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